Involving children and young people as advisors in research: top tips and essential key issues for researchers

This is a short overview of the key issues on involving children and young people in NHS, public health and social care research in response to requests from researchers for practical information on what they need to consider when involving children and young people in research.




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IN Bulletin 8 – Young peoples’ involvement in paediatric dentistry

Welcome to the eighth issue of our IN: Bulletin.

This bulletin focuses on Young peoples’ involvement in paediatric dentistry. YPAGne (Young Person’s Advisory Group North England) member Ollie Waterhouse and Greig Taylor NIHR Academic Clinical Fellowship, Specialty training Registrar in Paediatric Dentistry explain.

Report on Involving Children and Young People in Research

This report presents the findings from both a mapping exercise and survey regarding the process of involving children and young people in research as advisers as opposed to research participants. Both these activities were undertaken by INVOLVE Coordinating Centre staff with guidance and advice from the Children and Young People’s Working Group which consists of young people, public involvement leads and researchers.

Children’s Liver Disease Foundation

IN Bulletin 6 – Involving young people in research

Welcome to the sixth issue of our IN: Bulletin.

This bulletin focuses on young people in research. Sam Goold, INVOLVE’s Public Involvement Officer, meets a researcher and young person from a healthy eating research project.


What you need to know about payment

An introductory guide for members of the public who are considering active involvement in NHS, public health or social care research.

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Please note that benefits guidance and tax legislation been subject to considerable change/reinterpretation since 2019. Any INVOLVE documents referring to the payment of involvement fees may now be out of date and are pending a review during 2020. INVOLVE’s guidance should not be substituted for professional advice, and INVOLVE accepts no liability for decisions or actions taken as a result of its guidance. You are always recommended to take your own tax, finance or legal advice.

Notes of INVOLVE Executive Group Meeting September 2016

Autumn 2016

In this issue:
• The Sharebank – working together to support public involvement in research
• INVOLVE Coordinating Centre News
• Interesting articles
• A Study SHARED
• Involving parents and adolescents in research: the Kids FIRST study
• Patient Led Research Hub – a New Initiative to Foster Patient Led Research
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